My Family

My Family

Hi! My name is Nick Graff and that is my wife Farrah and my daughter Kaylynn. I am the CEO of GolfingToWin.com.

I have been golfing since 2002. I started playing because I was in Real Estate at the time and my clients were always out golfing. I knew that I would build a better relationship with them if I spoke their language, so I started to play.

I was living in an apartment community on a golf course at the time and they gave us 3 free passes to play each week. I used them all up and walked 18 holes three times per week. I had a lot of fun and fell in love with the game. The following year, I joined a different club and played 5 days a week. My scores dropped from the 130s to consistently playing under 100 in those 2 years. The following year, I joined another club and I continued to walk 18 holes five days per week. My scores dropped into the high 80s. The following year, I joined the same club and started to compete in higher level leagues. My scores dropped to the low 80s and I even broke 80 a few times. The year after that, I quit playing.

My Real Estate business suffered with the economic down turn and I had to put my priorities in line. Family first, you know?

In 2008, I broke and dislocated my ankle and I had to have surgery to put it all back together. I tried getting back into golf but my tendons would swell up every time I played. I love to walk, that is half the fun: exercise, nature, and competition, that’s why I do it. It took me a couple years of rehab and learning about swelling until I was finally able to start playing again. The only problem was, I hadn’t fought off the debt beast yet. So, rather than joining a golf club, I got a membership to the local driving range and pounded balls every day after work.

I studied distance and what it takes to consistently hit the ball 300 yards and keep it in the fairway. I went from hitting an average of 240 yards in my drives to hitting the ball 280 yards on average. That was my average. When I want to hit the ball 300, I can. It is just not as likely that I will hit the fairway as when I scale back a little and hit it 280. Now, I am working on tying my distance to accuracy and hopeful that I will be able to out drive the majority of PGA tour players and maintain their accuracy.

I learned  an important lesson from a personal development coach named James Malinchak several years ago. He said when you want to improve in any area of your life you need to first decide what the right thing is to do. Next, you should be smart about how you execute your plan. Last, you should work hard at it. Most people start with the “work hard” piece and may or may not factor in the Right and Smart parts.

When I decided that I wanted to pursue my dream of playing golf competitively, I knew I had to find the “Right” teacher. I credit this “Right-Smart-Hard” theory for helping me increase my distance by 40 yards in only 3 weeks. That right teacher for me has been and still is Eric Jones. He is a 2 time world long drive champion and studies bio-mechanics and psychology as it pertains to the golf swing. If you want to hit the ball a lot farther in a short amount of time, I recommend you check out his site.

My goal with this website is to find the best of the best information and share it with you. I hope you enjoy and please let me know how I can help!